Gregory A Yahr:

I'm an avid outdoorsman who in recent years has replaced my deer rifle and fishing rod with a camera and assortment of lenses. Photography has become my all-consuming passion. My artistic eye has helped me to share with others images of natural history, scenery and wildlife as I see them. My photographic pursuit has taken me to most of the National Parks in the West, South to Florida, North to Alaska, into Canada?s Northwest Territories and the shores of Hudson Bay in Northern Manitoba. I have also heavily photographed the area around my home state of Wisconsin including the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the region along the North shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.                    Below: Photographing Polar Bears in Manitoba Canada.



 Photographing Polar Bears In Manitoba Canada



 Hiking in Michigans U.P.

 Hiking in Michigans U.P.

Hiking In Danali N.P., AK

Hiking in the Northwest Territories

Photographing Brown Bears in Lake Clark N.P. AK

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